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Digital Freelance Agency

We are a group of young, highly motivated freelance professionals living and working in Switzerland.

Inspired by some of the finests showrooms along Via Nassa in Lugano, Switzerland, we develop and take care of your branding, storytelling, graphic design, web development and everything it takes to reach your clients on the web with high quality technologies and digital marketing skills.

Dedicated services

for a custom experience


Web Development

Using the latests technology and a lot of creativity we can develop web portals, portfolios and much more for companies, organizations or just yourself.

Brand Identity

Brainstorming with our clients we take care of the branding, at the core of every successfull and important business.

Graphic Design

Upon request we can develop and design logos, business cards, promotional materials and more for our companies and organizations.


Using the best SEO techniques and thanks to a deep knowledge of the social media we can point our clients to their target audience.

Clients & Partners


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