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Reactiv Lugano Switzerland

Re-Activ is the result of the passion of Lorenzo Fornasari, a physiotherapist and personal trainer working in the Lugano area and the surrounding area. Through the Re-Activ project he combines his medical and sporting skills with the competences in the fields of nutrition and mental coaching of his collaborators.


Reactiv Lugano Switzerland
Reactiv Lugano Switzerland

We have designed an iconographic system coordinated with its own colour palette to be used in the various fields of action in which the staff operates. In this way, the logo becomes scalable, dynamic and easily associated with the relevant activity.


Webflow Nassastudio

The development of the site was the result of the cooperation of the designer and the front-end developers who, through the Figma and Webflow platforms, created the Re-activ website, which is fully responsive and full of animations that engage the user in a clear and fluid experience.

The decision to use a dynamic service such as Webflow was based on the client's need to create content independently. In fact, the platform provides a CMS system that allows easy editing and quick creation of new content (e.g. blog posts) that are consistent with the rest of the website and are automatically indexed and categorised on the site.

reactiv webflow nassastudio


A stylistic example of how we maintained the strength of the brand even in the content shared on social media through stories and posts.

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